250+ HTML / CSS Examples with Source Code for Designers

Fullscreen Video Parallax Background Using CSS3

Video Parallax Background

Did you try an image parallax scrolling? What do you think about adding fullscreen video parallax background by using CSS3 and HTML5 only? You might be thinking is it possible? Yep, that’s entirely possible and in this tutorial, you will … Read More

Pure CSS Percentage Circle with Animation

CSS Percentage Circle

We have already posted a pure CSS radial progress bar, and here we will show you another way of making percentage circle with animation. Our previous tutorial was built with gradient colors. Today I am going to demonstrate how to … Read More

Pure CSS Image Slider without Javascript

Pure CSS Image Slider without Javascript

For those who don’t have knowledge of Javascript or jQuery and trying to create a pure CSS Image slider then this script going to help you to accomplish your goal. In this simple tutorial, I am going to build an … Read More