Sticky Header

Easy Way to Stick DIV Element On Scroll

stick div on scroll

Learn how to make an element sticky within the block of content when the scroll reaches a certain point of the webpage by using the CSS position property. One way to create an on-scroll animated sticky header by…

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Smooth jQuery Animated Sticky Header That Show On Scroll

Jquery Animated Sticky Header

Are you looking for a unique idea to create a smooth jQuery animated sticky header which shows on scroll? In this simple tutorial, you will learn all about it. With the help of CSS3 transition, we will handle…

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Animated Sticky Header On Scroll with CSS3 and Javascript

Animated Sticky header on Scroll

You have seen many different header or navigation designs which stay fixed at top of the page and animated on a scroll but such examples only possible with both CSS & Jquery. But how about creating a similar…

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Nice Animated Resizing Header On Scroll with CSS3 & Jquery


There are many ways to create a nice looking header of the website. One creative way to make it resize while scrolling the page to the down. We know that the fixed header with scrolling body content area…

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CSS Fixed Header & Auto Height Scrolling Body Content

CSS Fixed Header with Auto Height Scrolling Body Content

You may know that It is quite easy to create a fixed header using CSS but the issue comes when we need the content area in auto height. In this tutorial, I am going to create a CSS…

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Sticky Navigation Bar On Scroll using Jquery with Border Indicator

Sticky Navigation Bar using Jquery with Border Indicator

Creating stunning navigation is always important for a good looking website. Every designer wants to add creativity to stand out their design skills. One such skill is making a header which should have something unique. One of creativity…

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Simple Pure CSS Sticky Header On Scroll Fixed Header

Simple Pure CSS Sticky Header on Scroll

It’s time to create simple but pure CSS sticky header on scroll that will stay fixed at the top the page. When user on scroll down the page, the fixed header comes along with the mouse scroller. Header…

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