How to Make CSS Sticky Navbar (HTML & JS)

CSS Sticky Navbar

A sticky navbar helps you keep your website clean and easy to read. Using this technique, the navigation bar remains at the top of the screen and never scrolls away. Meanwhile, the main content area remains below the navigation bar, … Read More

Create Sticky DIV Element On Scroll

stick div on scroll

Today, we are going to create HTML div element sticky on window scroll event. Want to know how? well, when scroll reaches a certain point of the webpage, we’ll stick div by using the CSS position property. So, move on. … Read More

Sticky Navigation Bar On Scroll using jQuery

Sticky Navigation Bar using Jquery with Border Indicator

One of creativity of website design to create a jQuery sticky navigation bar on scroll which shows border indicator while a user on the scroll the page to the down. Creating stunning navigation is always important for a good looking … Read More

Simple Pure CSS Sticky Header On Scroll

Simple Pure CSS Sticky Header on Scroll

It’s time to create simple but pure CSS sticky header on scroll that will stay fixed at the top the page. When user on scroll down the page, the fixed header comes along with the mouse scrolling. Header navigation will … Read More