12 Best Examples of HTML5 Video Background Websites

We as internet consumers were used with static websites since the birth of the modern web (I know we have the GIF days). That is about to change with the new video backgrounds that are sticking heads and making a name for themselves.

In the modern-day web development industry, The large video backgrounds are considered one of the most user engaging ways. Nothing better than a video to grab someone’s attention. Internet users love videoes!

To help you with something to be inspired, We collected around 20 examples of beautiful large HTML5 video background websites that might be useful in your next creative project.

Who said a web resource or website needs to be static? With the birth of HTML5, it’s easier than ever to have nice animated assets on our websites without worrying that much on bandwidth and such.

Here is an interesting fact, with broadband availability around the world increased by an exponential rate every year the bandwidth length increases. A quick search on Wikipedia tells us that as of 1014 the average global connection speed is over 4 MB/s.

1. The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

National Parks

2. Kontra K: Next To You


3. Brave People

Brave People

4. Müller


5. Nicolas Errera

Nicolas Errera

6. Oasen


7. Septime Création


8. The Yacht Company

The Yacht Company

9. MediaBOOM


10. IUQO




12. MyProvence Festival

MyProvence Festival

13. Dadaab Stories

Dadaab Stories

14. Project Skin MD

Project Skin MD

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