Top 5 Famous CSS Frameworks for Front-End Developers in 2020

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Today, We have prepared the list of Top 5 Famous CSS Frameworks for 2019 which you should take a look at if you are going to start a new project.

Due to the high demand for extensive features for a website. It is a good idea to build a site with a CSS framework. At the same time, It is also important to choose the right framework.

There are many frameworks available over the internet to design the structures of the website. Such frameworks include lightweight, UI, material design and many more.

But the question is which one you choose? It depends on your project requirements but chooses the one which is famous and provides you unlimited features.

Any responsive CSS frameworks come with a lot of excellent features which help front-end developer to develop the website easily and quickly. Using a framework to develop a website template is a lot easier than without having.

By using these kinds of frameworks you can cut off development work because they come with ready-made things such as typography, useful plugins, slideshow, forms and much more. The front end developer just needs to pick and used them.

Not only this but the frameworks also provide the basic structure for a website. Instead of writing each and every line of HTML/CSS, It’s better to use a framework.

The Top 5 CSS Frameworks for 2020 (Updated)

It all depends upon you which framework you would like to use. But the important thing is to select the framework according to your project demand.

For example, If you are building a simple and few page’s websites then you should select the minimal framework.

Today’s list of all of the frameworks going to provide you a solid foundation to build an HTML5 Responsive template without spending a lot of time.

Many frameworks come with a 12 column grid system which helps you make your design quickly and make the site compatible with all kinds of screen resolution. Almost all the frameworks compatible with all kinds of browsers.

All of these frameworks used the latest HTML5 & CSS3 techniques which make your website outstanding and stylish.

1. Bootstrap one of Top CSS Frameworks

The Bootstrap is one of the best and most popular Frameworks created by Twitter developer & Designer. Generally, it also knows as Twitter Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is an open-source framework with many awesome features such as a power grid system, navigation elements, slideshow, CSS Tooltip and much more. It helps you build any website in a very easy way.

Similarly, it is easy to make a website template using the bootstrap framework. Because it provides you a way to create fixed or fluid width layouts. It also provides you high mobile support which allows your site to view any kind device with the same design.

Bootstrap one of top CSS frameworks

Demo & Download

2. Bulma

Bulma starts getting much popularity because of the lightweight and absolutely responsive feature. It is free to open source CSS framework which works with Flexbox.

More than 150, 000 web developer using it without having any issue. If you are new to frontend development then you can learn it very easily.

Due to huge community support, You can easily ask questions if you have any problem.

Bulma also one of top CSS frameworks

Demo & Download

3. Foundation

Another great CSS framework is Foundation which is a most advanced responsive front-end framework. It also has impressive features which make your website look awesome into all kind of browser and mobile devices.

Currently, Foundation 5 has released, and it built with Sass which is great CSS preprocessed. The Sass allows you to develop a website more quickly and give you a way to customize it quickly.


Demo & Download

4. YAML 4

YAML is a modular framework that is truly flexible. It is a truly flexible, accessible and responsive framework and supports all the key modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. It built on Sass, and it is a very slim framework core about( 5.9 kB).

YAML is a Bulletproof flexible grid system and forms toolkit with theme support. It is well prepared for HTML5 & CSS3.

Demo & Download

5. Gumby

The Gumby Framework base on the 960 grid system and it is the fully responsive framework that has different column variations and multiple types of grids.


Demo & Download

All of the above frameworks are pretty cool and most of use in nowadays web designing. You can pick one which you most like or which is the best fit for your needs.

It also depends upon what type of features you are looking for but all the frameworks have all the basic features and functions.

Hope this post helps you to select a framework for your site. Let me know in below comment section.


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