10 Best CSS @Font Face Generator Tools Online

Transfonter Modern Fontface Generator

The fonts play a major role while design your website. It is the key success of your website. The Web Fonts represents the nature of your website.

For example, if you have a website which related to corporate/Business then it requires to used professional fonts. If you are going to build a personal website/blog then it requires to used stylish Fonts.

Today, We have compiled a list of best 10 @Font Face generator online tools which help you to create @fontface by uploading .ttf or .otf file.

These are free font generator and you don’t need to pay. Also you don’t need to register too. There are some online font generator which didn’t allow to generate font from otf and other formats but you don’t have to worry, All you can first convert otf to ttf then add them into tools to genator @fontface.

What are Font Face Generator?

The @Font Face generator are online tools which help you to convert your .TTF or .OTF fonts into web useful fonts.

These font generator free to used but there are some of are paid. These tools work in very simple way. You just need to upload a font and press a button generator it. You will get a zip file which will contain all font formats, CSS file and HTML Preview file.

How to used Web @Fontface

It’s so easy to used Fontface. After generating your font into font face, you need to define the @font-face into your style sheet just like example below.

@font-face {
	src: url('fonts/MyriadPro-Regular_gdi.eot');
	src: url('fonts/MyriadPro-Regular_gdi.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
		url('fonts/MyriadPro-Regular_gdi.woff') format('woff'),
		url('fonts/MyriadPro-Regular_gdi.ttf') format('truetype'),
		url('fonts/MyriadPro-Regular_gdi.svg#MyriadPro-Regular') format('svg');
	font-weight: 400;
	font-style: normal;
	font-stretch: normal;
	unicode-range: U+0020-25CA;

Make sure that you have added all the fonts file format(eot, woff, ttf, svg) into your font folder. Now you can define font-family as show below example.

h1 { font-family: "Sri-TSCRegular", serif }

1. Transfonter

Fontie is really a great tool. It have plenty of options. it convert your desktop fonts into web fonts with anti-aliasing that works everywhere.

You have to upload a TTF or OTF file and you will get all font format (WOFF, EOT and SVG) along with a css file.

Transfonter Modern Fontface Generator

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2. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is one of most popular website which allow you to easily convert your font into font face. It allow to convert font into multiple web safe fonts.

It’s not only Font Face Generator tools but also provide you many fee and commercial fonts. You can used fonts for your Ebooks, PDFs and in design of your website.

Fontsquirrel Webfont Generator

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3. Web Font Generator

Web Font Generator is a simple online tool which only allow .ttf and .otf. You need to upload font and then press Generate web font font button, It will provide you .zip file with pre-generated .css, .eot, .woff, .svg, true type and optionally open type files.

Web Font Generator

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4. Everything Fonts

Everything fonts provide large number of tools. You are not limited on converting your font inot face-face only. You can convert any font format into another.

With Convert Fonts convert everything. With expanded toolset, online fonts, font manager and font market place it is where you want to be if you want to do anything with fonts.

Everythingfonts Fontface Generator

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5. Flaticon

Flaticon provide large collection of free vector icons, Icon fonts and adobe Extension. All these collections allow to free download.

Flaticon Designed and developed by freepik.com. Flaticon offers to you a tool to help you convert ttf (True Type Font) or otf (Open Type Font) to: ttf, otf, woff, eot and svg.

Flaticon Font Face

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6. Font2Web

Font 2 Web FontFace Generator tool converts any .ttf (TrueType Font) or .otf (OpenType Font) file to .ttf, .otf, .eot, .woff and .svg files.

It provide you a CSS file and a demo HTML file to show you how to use web fonts on your website – using CSS @font-face.

Font2web Fontface Creator

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7. Code and More

I were personally very big fan of Code and More because it’s really a great tool and convert any font into @font-face including a font which you don’t have a commercial licene.

Few years back it was fee service But now their services isn’t free. You have to pay Monthly ($3) or Annual ($20 – save $16).

Now there are many free tools so I would not recommend you to use this tool. Just listing here so you know how many tools are avaiable.

Codeandmore Fontface

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8. Font Face Converter

This little generator tool help you to convert the font into fontface by just adding file name, path and copy the auto generated @font-face part for your stylesheet.

Font Face Converter

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9. fonts2u

font2u is simple font converter tools which allow to convert your font into .ttf, .otf, .pfb and .dfont from any font format.

Fonts2u Font Converter

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10. Online Font Converter

It’s Free online font converter tool and provide many formats. It will convert fonts to/from: .pdf .dfont .eot .otf .pfb .tfm .pfm .suit .svg .ttf .pfa .bin .pt3 .ps .t42 .cff .afm .ttc & .woff

Online Font Converter

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These are the tools we able to found out over the Internet. If you know anyone else, Let us know in below comment and we will add it.

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