10+ Pure CSS Ribbon Shapes

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Pure CSS Ribbon

Have you every try CSS Ribbon which design using Pure CSS3? Haven’t you then here have a great list of Ribbon shapes which are easy to implement into design boxes and useful for headings in all types of websites.

All of the shapes are responsive and work on medium, small and as well as large devices. You don’t need to write all of the code from start, just pick which you like and implement into your website.

Before CSS3, Whenever we need to implement a corner ribbon, we need to cut the ribbon image and then need to applied CSS to adjust.


this isn’t required to add annoying image type ribbons, we have CSS only solution available which is every easy and responsive one.

It isn’t alway easy to find great sources, it takes time and today I have to spend a lot of time to know some grateful Ribbons. We have a list of different in style ribbon shapes which include animated, corner, horizontal and header ribbons.

Pure CSS Ribbon Shapes

Here are 10+ options for front-end developers and designers who wants to improve their website style in less time without increasing costs or reply on images.

let’s pick which you like most or best match with your site design and interface.

Pure CSS Ribbon

Simple blue color ribbon with a nice background. It’s minimal uses of HTML and CSS.
Pure CSS Ribbon

CSS Ribbon

It is a tall flat ribbon which looks good in design. It is responsive and supports wide range of browser.

CSS Ribbon Long

Easy CSS Ribbon with Sass

Four different types of ribbon for placing in different position of page or a div.

Easy CSS Ribbon with Sass

3D CSS Ribbon for Sass/Compass

Build with SASS and Compass and design which fit well on any kind of design.

3D CSS Ribbon for Sass Compass

CSS Ribbon Product Badges

Badges are designed for e-commerce website. Specially when you are offering some discount to your customers.

CSS Ribbon Product Badges

Responsive CSS Ribbon

A large ribbon with dots border around is perfect design using CSS styles. You have to copy and past the CSS/HTML code to get implement.

Responsive Css Ribbon

Special Offer Ribbon

When you are offering something and want to some in some attractive way this design could help you. It will increase the becaute of your website and showcase text in different way of design.

Special Offer Ribbon

Creative White CSS Ribbon

The creative things always key in web design so let’s implement this one to enachce the becaute of your website. It is clean white color ribbon design with CSS.

Creative White CSS Ribbon

CSS Ribbon with inner border

Are you going to build a school website? If so then this badge could hlep to add school logo inside the badge.

CSS Ribbon with inner border

Ribbon CSS Corner

It’s bit hard to implement something corner of image but this corner ribbon is solution for you.

ribbon css corner

Animated Pure CSS Ribbon Shape

Simple ribbon isn’t enough, right? Then here we have animated one. This bule color badge animated when click on the ribbon shape.

CSS Ribbon Shape

CSS Side Ribbon

Another example of side ribbon but in design differently. It is best use when you are listing pricing tables or plan.

css side ribbon

These are only 11 ribbons, we have arrange many more which we will update later on. If you like this post, don’t forget to share.

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