Why is FlashOn A Website Bad for SEO?

In Articles Jul 6, 2017
Why is Flash Website Bad for SEO

Apple was the first brand of note to eliminate the creation of Adobe Flash supported devices. However, since this occurrence in 2010 more and more brands and web masters are eliminating Flash and focusing on more modern, effective methods for getting results.

If you are one of those who still don’t fully understand the detrimental effects Flash can have, learn more here.

Definition of Flash

In the past, Flash was considered to be the cutting edge of web design. During the early 2000s most websites were built on a foundation of CSS and HTML, resulting in websites that were pretty much a display screen and nothing more – the interaction offered by these sites was, to say the least, limited.

Flash was considered revolutionary because it allowed web designers to create page elements, modules and menus that were interactive. However, much like all the other early web technologies, Flash quickly went from being cutting edge to a huge annoyance.

With the development of HTML5, Flash became pointless for web designers. This development, along with the increase in the use of tablets and mobile browsers, Flash has essentially been pushed to the side.

The Bad and the Ugly of Flash

Flash is not a web designer’s first choice for a number of reasons. The primary reasons is that with 2015 the use of tablets and smartphones increased and now users of these devices make up over 60 percent of the total traffic, which has made the software created just for a keyboard and mouse virtually irrelevant.

Another reason this is not such a popular choice is because it is not as accessible. The elements of Flash are not able to be scaled with the typical minus and plus keys on the majority of keyboards. The ability to copy and paste content is also nonexistent. Flash is unable to be bookmarked, there is no way to identify the clickable links and there is no back button.

Perhaps one of the most concerning elements of Flash is the fact that it is extremely insecure. More than the other web applications currently in use, the Flash Player has a number of vulnerabilities that make it a popular target for many hackers.

Flash and SEO

Flash and SEO don’t mix. In fact, Flash is one of the worst things you can do if you are trying to implement a more effective search engine optimization strategy. Since Flash content does not have any URLs it is not able to be indexed or searched. It also uses unreadable text content and does not provide any way to monitor the outbound links. Put simply, it is a real nightmare for Google’s bots.

Helpful Tip: If Flash is unavoidable, then the web designer should ensure the content included in Flash format is not critical to SEO. This is the only way it will not have a negative effect on search results.

The Bottom Line

While Flash has been phased out of most modern websites, there are still some out there that embrace it. It is a good idea to avoid using this and stick to the more modern and effective methods to ensure quality SEO effects.

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