What is Parallax Web Design with Advantages & Disadvantages

In Articles Feb 15, 2016
What is Parallax Web Design

Parallax basically means alteration but What is Parallax Web Design? The central concept of the parallax website is related to the difference or the displacement in the precise position of any web element seen along two distinct lines of view. To be more specific, this feature gives rise to a 3D effect by rendering depth to the web page, which in turn is made possible by moving the background and the foreground images at different speed. The Parallax Scrolling Web Design is a feature that was first used by Nike for their website. And today, it has turned out to be one of the most sought after designs of the web world.

What is Parallax Web Design Advantages

Though the there are more advantages than disadvantages of using parallax, still point out both. First of all, let’s talk about the positive aspects of using parallax.

Better User Experience:

The most obvious reason for using parallax is to keep your online users busy and focused on what is important for them from your business perspective. You can include flashy colors, excellent graphics, and significant movements to keep your online audience glued to their computer screen. It will help you to get their attention right at the point where you want.

Effective Product Description:

If you are not impressed by the product description of eCommerce sites, then Parallax is the one for you. It helps you create interesting details for your goods and services and have your targeted users engage with the product content. In short, it offers you an excellent way to describe your product.

Lower Down Bounce Rate:

When online users leave any website too soon then, it means something is not right with that site. Well, there could be numerous reasons behind it, like slow loading rate, unattractive web page design, etc. This can fix by including parallax scrolling to your website.

SEO Friendly:

This one of the main benefits of using Parallax web design. Unlike flash designs, parallax scrolling does not affect the SEO aspect of your site. In fact, it is quite useful in obtaining a good amount of social media likes and backlinks.

What is Parallax Web Design Disadvantages/h3>

Mainly, there are two drawbacks of using parallax scrolling. Firstly, using too many photos in a web page can make the website slow. Secondly, it is usually difficult to design a responsive website by using parallax scrolling feature.

How to Create Parallax Website Header

Creating Parallax website header through jQuery accompanied with the jParallax jQuery plugin is quite easy. And, no knowledge of JavaScript is needed, just simple old HTML along with CSS. So, first of all, you will have to download jQuery and jParallax, also the images you wish to include in the header. You can also use Video Parallax Background instead of images. Most of the work done through HTML. However, it is done automatically. And, CSS will be used to define the style of the parallax.

Parallax Design Great Examples

we have now collected together Parallax Scrolling Website Templates that employ the method to good effect. Occasionally the parallax scrolling may be the star of the particular show; in others, this simply adds a touch of depth that creates the foreground apparently pop out a little. We hope you see this a useful method to obtain inspiration for your next project, and if you find any original cases that we’ve not listed, we’d wish to hear about them inside the comments.

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