High Quality Square Logo Design Inspiration For Designers

In Logo Design, Web Design Last updated Feb 7, 2017
Square Logo Design Inspiration

Today I am going to share you six Square Logo Design Inspiration Pack. The Inspiration Square Logo use in the different website, business card, letterhead or any print media. The Logos which are simple are better than an elaborate logo. The Square Logo Design is good to use on the website or company which name include “SQUARE” word, for example, Time Square. As simple logo can more easily memorable but although it depends on upon your business or company. If you used these logos into a website which provide services about packing box etc. then Square logos are exquisite to use. The square logos Inspiration of Abstract Logo Design which means that these can recognize easily.

Square Logo Design Inspiration Variation

I will provide you six different Inspiration of square logos which created by using different graphical elements and with text square. These square logos are in the form of layer PSD templates, and you can change theme very quickly. You can change text, graphic element or color of this logo by using Photoshop program. I have used different colors for different square logos which included Green, Black, Gray and Red. I have included two PSDs files, one has four logos, and another one has two logos.

There are many different ways to add your logos into company name. For example, logos can be separate graphic with a company name or logo can be embed into company name. Like if company name “Square” then we can make rectangular around the word “Square” however it’s your choice how you want to look your logo.

Square Logo Design Inspiration PSD

Let’s take these square logos as starting point and make customization on it and bring something more good thing which fit your website design.

File Format: PSD
Number of Files: 2
Size: 1.07 MB
Resolution: 900 x 600px
Number of Logos: 6

Enjoy !

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