Parallax Scrolling Website Templates Collection For 2016

In Web Design, Website Templates Jan 29, 2016
Parallax Scrolling Website Templates

Today we’re going to provide you best Parallax Scrolling Website Templates that hand-picked list of the year 2016. These templates are good suited for personal, corporate, portfolio and business. We tried to find these parallax templates from different sources so everyone can get the one that suits their needs.

The Parallax Scrolling Web Design is a method in which the background image of a web page actions slower than the foreground elements or images when the web page is scrolled, developing an illusion of intensity and motion. The result is beautiful outcomes that impress traffic in your page.

You can also say, Parallax is when different image background to be at a different position when viewed along different sightlines. The parallax scrolling design trend gets popular after Apple announced iOS 7. Now this trend continuous with iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite. But these effects are slightly different from ones used in web design, but they hold the same method. To find more information about parallax scrolling you can look at wiki but it provide more specify and scientific information.

Parallax Scrolling Website Templates

Below are few incredibly beautiful Parallax Scrolling Website Templates. All of the templates are fully responsive, impressive features and many of fonts and icons included.

Solid State (Free)

Solid State is simple and clean HTML5/CSS3 template with color combination of Purple and black. It is fully responsive and work well on all kind of devices.

Solid State

Spectral (Free)

If you are planning to build your personal website than Spectral can be good template to build nice parallax scrolling website. It has simple scrolling effect and elements placed in a nice way.


Parallax ($79)

This template can be your most favorite one because it’s all about Parallax. Parallax is a combination of two remarkable trends. The one is parallax scrolling and other one single-page design. It designs to help you to build beautiful and cool looking parallax website with ease. You can find live version here.


Big Picture (Free)

Big Picture all the section of page have scrolling effect. It is also one page template and Responsive site template designed by HTML5 UP, built on Skel, and released for free under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Big Picture

These are only four Parallax Scrolling Website Templates, but I am finding more for you. If you know or have anyone that you would like to share with us, please let us know in below comment section.

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