Minimalist Grid Layout With CSS – dirg.css

In Resources Nov 12, 2017
Minimalist Grid Layout With CSS – dirg.css

dirg.css is Minimalist Grid Layout and especially light-weight (~1kb) CSS library which helps you shortly render a responsive grid format utilizing CSS Grid Structure properties.

Now it’s easy to create a responsive website using Dirg.css because it is easy to use and light-weight library. You have full control over class and customize them as you want.

Minimalist Grid Layout With CSS:

It include all basic class and allow to create variety of columsn, rows, youngster columns and also house between grid objects. Such grid system make it unique in simple CSS frameworks.

Obtain and place the dirg.css within the header of the html web page.

<hyperlink rel="stylesheet" href="dirg.css">

Create and config the grid format utilizing the next kinds:

  • –grid-number: variety of columns
  • –grid-gutter: house between grid objects
  • –grid-col: variety of youngster columns
  • –grid-order: customized order
  • –grid-row: variety of rows
<div class="DIRG" type="--grid-number: three; --grid-gutter: 1rem;"> <div>1</div> <div>2</div> <div type="--grid-col: 2;">three</div> <div type="--grid-order: -1;">four</div> <div type="--grid-row: 2;">5</div> <div>6</div> <div>7</div> </div>


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