10 Different Color Scheme CSS Circle Button

CSS Circle Buttons

Today, We come up with another tutorial called CSS Circle Button and we will create different buttons with 10 different color scheme. We will also apply three different sizes so you have more choice to pick right one.

You can easily implement fixed size and responsive circular buttons with text or images but here we will use font icons to make them load fast.

Furthermore, The beauty of font icons is easy to customize in terms of size and color.  For icons, I am going to use font fill which is very easy to implement and allow unlimited icon size.

It’s easy to use the font fill icons. All you need to add a class like tolightbulb any HTML element and you are done.

Likewise, All of buttons are compatible with all major browsers. I have included 10 Different colors scheme and to implement a specific color, You need to apply a single class. I will list out all the color classes.

Such circle CSS buttons make your site more attractive and your site visitor loves to click.

To build the buttons, I will use the modern css3 technique that is constructed purely with anchor HTML tag.

How to Create CSS Circle Button

The HTML part is very simple and easy to understand. Let’s define a div with a class name buttons. To get the size according to your choice, We have three different classes for that.

  • large
  • medium
  • small

You can apply any class according to your choice with buttons div.

<div class="buttons large">
    <a class="maroon" href=""><span class="iconic lightbulb"></span></a>
    <a class="maroon" href=""><span class="iconic equalizer"></span></a>
    <a class="maroon" href=""><span class="iconic brush_alt"></span></a>
    <a class="maroon" href=""><span class="iconic move"></span></a>

How to Apply Different Classes

  • To change the size of the button, Just change large into medium or small
  • To change the color of a button, You need to change the class name blue into black, orange, pink, etc.
  • To change an icon of the button you need to change class name lightbulb See example code below:
<div class="buttons large">
    <a class="blue" href="">
       <span class="iconic lightbulb"></span>

To add the icon to a href link you need to add the class name iconic lightbulb into span . However, iconic class will say remain for every icon but lightbulb can be changed according to what icon you want to use.

Adding Hover Effect

Let’s discuss the hover effect of the buttons. It’s very easy and simple. we have added opacity: 1; and light color of main icon color.

See example below:

.buttons a:hover::before { opacity: 1; }
.buttons a.blue:hover::before {
	background-color: #c6f0f8;

Different Color Classess

Let’s checkout different color classess avaiable for icons.

  • blue
  • orange
  • pink
  • red
  • purple
  • mustard
  • seaweed
  • maroon
  • liver
  • black

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