Cross-browser Sticky Element Plugin With Pure JavaScript – HC-Sticky

In CSS Tutorial, Sticky Header Nov 28, 2017

This javascript plugin allow to implement sticky element on your website. It is easy to use plugin and allow to make your site header sticky.

You can also make the sticky Navigation Bar Using this javascript plugin. The plugin gives you control over the specific part to make it stick.

It is a natural JavaScript model of the hc-sticky jQuery plugin which makes any part sticky at the best of the internet web page the use of natural JavaScript.

Find out how to use it:

Set up & Import.

# NPM $ npm set up hc-sticky --save
import hcSticky from 'hc-sticky';

Or come with the compiled JavaScript document ‘hc-sticky.js’ at the webpage.

<script src="hc-sticky.js"></script>

Initialize the library and specify the part to be caught.

var Sticky = new hcSticky('#sidebar', );

All imaginable plugin choices.

var Sticky = new hcSticky('#sidebar', );

API strategies.

var Sticky = new hcSticky('#sidebar'); // updates choices Sticky.replace(); // re-init the plugin Sticky.reinit(); // Detaches the plugin from part Sticky.detach(); // Attaches the plugin again to the part. Sticky.connect(); // Destroys the plugin Sticky.smash();

The publish Pass-browser Sticky Part Plugin With Natural JavaScript – HC-Sticky gave the impression first on CSS Script.

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