How to Open Search Box OnClick with CSS

How to Open Search Box onClick with CSS

This tutorial helps you to build a toggle search bar that opens OnClick the button. By default,t the text field will stay hidden and reveal when the user clicks on an input button. In other words, it works just like … Read More

Create Pure CSS Toggle Switch ON OFF Examples

Create Pure CSS Toggle Switch ON/OFF Examples

Do you want to apply custom styling on checkboxes? In this tutorial, I will   create few of toggle switch examples which developed with pure CSS. It’s ON/OFF toggle switches and when user check/uncheck a chekcbox to signify a Yes/No solution … Read More

Pure CSS: Animated CSS3 Checkbox Styling

Animated CSS3 Checkbox Styling

Are you wondering how to apply styling on a boring input checkbox? In this tutorial, I will create an animated CSS3 checkbox with a styling code example that provides animation when they checked. Usually, the form elements are the most … Read More

CSS Animated Search Box with HTML

Build Creative Animated Search Box CSS on Click

I this tutorial, you will learn how to create a CSS animated search box with jQuery & HTML. It also has an expanding effect which works when the user clicks on the search icon or a button. In our previous … Read More

Pure CSS Star Rating Using Radio Buttons

Pure CSS Star Rating Using Radio Buttons

In this tutorial, I’ll make a CSS star rating system using HTML radio buttons and also will show a pure Unicode entity HTML rating. The CSS Star Rating is one particular classic UX patterns that every web designer has tinkered … Read More

CSS Search Box Example with HTML

Nice & Beautiful Design Looking CSS Search Box with Icon

In this tutorial, we will create 6 unique CSS Search box Examples with HTML which are easy to use. You will find the form code and demo as well. All of the examples are well coded and has a nice … Read More

Expanding Search Bar with jQuery & CSS3

Expanding Search Bar with jQuery & CSS Transitions

Learn how to create a mobile-friendly expanding search bar with the help of jQuery & CSS3 transitions. It is a click-to-expand input search that has fluid width. It is a new and popular way of the latest web design trends. … Read More