Top 30+ Best CSS Framework 2018 for Web Designers

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Best CSS Framework 2016

Looking for the best CSS framework? Here are 30+ options for designers who wants to build a website in less time without increasing costs. We already wrote an article about Responsive CSS framework, but today we bring you a lot more best CSS framework 2017 – 2018 for a designer to choices and build their website within a less time frame. The purpose of today’s posts to expand the list of frameworks and provide you more free CSS framework over the internet. Our today collection covers all possible best framework of 2017.


This article updated on 14, November 2018 by adding six more new framework. If you know anyone else that should be on this list, please leave a comment to let us know.

What is a Framework and CSS Framework?

A framework means the standard set of concepts, criteria, and practices that help with solving the common type of issues.

It helps us to approach and solve the new problems and matters of similar kind of natures. A very famous blog has mentioned a great list of CSS Framework which you should have to take a look.

When we come into the world of web designing, It provides the clearest definition. A CSS framework defined as a set of a package that includes a structure of files and folders.

These files include standardized HTML, CSS, Js code. These sets of code files help us in the development of website design and give us a foundation to start building a website.

Actually, by using the CSS framework, we able to save us a lot of time, and we don’t need to write everything from the start. We can build our main website structure by adding few lines of code.

We can use a lot of ready made things from the framework and then customization them quickly. We don’t need to create each and everything from the start. So it’s the best thing to use some CSS framework.

Best CSS Framework 2018 List

The thing is important while choosing the best CSS framework is to select one that fit you best need. I mean, If you are building high quality and extensive website, then you should pick the framework that should have more features.

Because all the front-end development frameworks are not the same, some have more features as compare to others. If you are planning to build a small website which doesn’t have too much CSS or Jquery function, then you need to go with simplest CSS framework. The post similar article as ours and they have listed out top 21 free frameworks.

We will show you the best CSS frameworks 2018, and you need to select what you most like or according to web site nature design. All the frameworks are pretty well-written code and allow to edit you quickly. So what you are waiting for, let’s see the list below.

But before you go over, I would like to let you know that, it’s hard to tell which framework is better than other. I have collected the data from other popular sites and add up my opinion. You may disagree with this list. Note that, there are still so many frameworks available, and I will add them later on with proper number.

1. Bootstrap

best css framework

If you are a designer, then you should know the bootstrap very well. We don’t have doubt to say bootstrap is number #1 framework. Most of the clients looking to build their website on the bootstrap. It is a powerful front-end development framework to design high-quality websites. It’s sleek and intuitive that make your design work faster. I am sure no one disagrees with me to keep it at number one on the list.

2. Foundation

css framework

Foundation is another popular framework and mostly used in the development of premium themes. I find many WordPress premium themes that used foundation. It is advanced responsive CSS framework and allows to build mobile apps, products, and websites faster.

3. Semantic UI

css framework

By using of Semantic UI, you can design beautiful websites quickly. This development framework allows you to create human-friendly, fully responsive and beautiful website templates. Semantic used Intuitive Javascript and simplified debugging. The key features are 50+ UI elements, 3000+ CSS variables and build with EM values for responsive design. It also includes the flexbox property.

4. Pure CSS


Pure CSS is the cute one, and I like it because it’s clean, small and responsive CSS modules which you can use in every web design project. If we compare it with YAML 4 regarding size, it comes with the only 4.0KB so we can say it’s ridiculously tiny. Another thing I like most in Pure CSS, it is minimal and flat. It allows you to write new rules easily by overwriting existing rules.

5. Bulma


Bulma modern CSS framework which builds with Flexbox CSS property. It designed for mobile-first. The column system is simple and allows to resize them. The unique thing in this framework is Metro UI CSS grid to make it outstanding.

6. Skeleton


The skeleton is a dead simple and Mobile-Friendly boilerplate. It based on the small collection of CSS files that help users to build rapid sites which look beautiful at any size of screen size. Before using Skeleton, You should have a few things in your mind.

If you are embarking on a smaller project, then it’s best choices for you. It doesn’t include a large number of utilities like the other frameworks.

It only handles the standard elements of web design template. If you want to develop a website that has a lot of unique items that don’t fit in any other framework, then you can choose skeleton because it will set a base for your design.

7. Milligram


A milligram is a minimal framework for building fast and clean starting template. It’s only 2KB gzipped!. Milligram mainly designed for better performance and higher productivity with fewer properties to reset resulting in cleaner code.

8. Kube


Kube is for professional developers and designers alike. It provides you the source and production files. In Kube horizontal rhythm based on a 4px vertical grid is something that we are truly proud.

9. Blazecss

Blazecss an Open source modular CSS toolkit providing the great structure for building websites quickly. Blaze fills the gap between monolithic frameworks like Bootstrap, UIKit, and Semantic, and “micros” ones such as Skeleton, Milligram, and Min.

10. Unsemantic


Un-Semantic grid system successor to the 960 grid system and its work a similar way. The main difference between 960 grid system and Unsemantic is that it is entirely based on percentages instead of number values.

11. Spectre


Spectre.css is a modern, responsive and lightweight CSS framework for faster and extensible development. It provides you a clean start, of making project and prototype. The elements designed with a lot of care.

12. Simple


Specially design for flat and clean designs. Simple is a responsive CSS framework for flatter designs and builds with SASS/SCSS. The framework also comes with a 5Kb minimized version. It provides a clean and fast starting point for your front-end developments.

13. Metro UI


That is the best front-end framework for developing projects on the web in Windows Metro Style. Metro UI CSS prepared with the advice of Microsoft to build the user interface and include general styles, grid, layouts, typography, 20+ components, 300+ built-in icons. Metro UI CSS makes with {LESS}.

14. UiKit


UiKit is super lightweight and modular framework for front-end development which allows building compelling web interfaces in less time. It provides HTML, CSS and JS components which are easy to implement and also easy to customize. You can easily extend their functionality by adding your custom code. The framework well written and provide LESS and SASS files. The collection of components is fully responsive and conflict free naming conventions.

15. topcoat


Topcoat CSS for clean and fast web apps. It includes some great UI components and fully responsive to handle any screen sizes.

16. Susy


Susy is the powerful tool for web developers which allow developing a responsive website. The idea of grids based on demand instead of a strict framework.

17. Muicss


Muicss designed according to google’s material design guidelines. It is a lightweight material framework. It includes all the required code to use MUI component.

18. Get base


Get base is a rock and a robust, responsive best framework. It is minimal and lightweight that speed up your development work. It allows you to create beautiful website and applications. To make sure it should collaborate with all kinds of devices, it built mobile-first and brought you powerful features.

19. Basics


It’s a low-level CSS toolkit that gives you access to building lightning fast modular with no side effects.

20. 1KB Grid System


Can you find grid system that way less in size? I am sure your answer, it is pretty much hard. But we have found for you, and its size is just 1kB. It is the simple framework in term of size. It is designed to utilize Sass to remove additional classes from the HTML markup and make customization easier.

21. GroundworkCSS 2


Groundworks 2 is a flexible grid system that allows to developed rapid website design and scales to fit any screen size. It allows handling devices to large-format televisions.

22. HTML KickStart


Kick-start is a smallest CSS framework which includes HTML5, CSS, and JS building blocks for rapid website design. It’s small but still useful and has good browser support, including Chrome Android. It comes with few components that are buttons, slider, tabs, menu, tooltip, typography, forms, and grid system.

23. Materialize

After Google update their design, the Material design gets popularity. The materialize developer to speed up their development work. It’s new front-end framework which based on material design. It includes a great list of features which allow to quickly.

24. Framework7


The Framework 7 perfect for developing iOS and Android Apps. It is full featured free and open source mobile HTML framework which help to develop hybrid mobile applications or web apps with iOS & Android native look and feel.

The primary method of the Framework7 is to provide you a possibility to create iOS & Android apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript quickly and clean. Framework7 is complete of freedom. It does not restrict your creativeness or provide approaches of any answers come what may. Framework7 offers you freedom!

Framework7 isn’t well suited for all systems. It is targeted only on iOS and Google cloth layout to carry the pleasant experience and simplicity.

Framework7 is virtually for you if you make a decision to construct iOS or Android hybrid app (PhoneGap) or web app that seems like and feels as outstanding local iOS and Google fabric apps.

25. Cascade Framework


Although the overall appearance and feel are maximum undoubtedly stimulated by Twitter Bootstrap, Cascade Framework isn’t just every other Bootstrap clone. In which Twitter Bootstrap places its cognizance on handing over bright person elements that may be dropped into any challenge and takes manage of your project’s typical look-and-experience, Cascade Framework is meant to do the alternative. By way of splitting your CSS into separate documents primarily based on functions as opposed to selectors in addition to by means of imposing atomic design, Cascade Framework places you on top of things!

Additionally, one-of-a-kind from Twitter Bootstrap or other CSS Frameworks obtainable, Cascade Framework may use for present day browsers and older browsers alike. All functions of Cascade Framework aid Internet Explorer from IE6 upwards or degrade gracefully. With Cascade Framework, you no longer should choose between assisting handiest modern-day browsers or downgrading your design.

26. Vital


A minimally invasive CSS framework for modern internet applications. Popular CSS frameworks include an overwhelming and unnecessary quantity of bloat. Crucial built on the fundamental that much less is extra. Working with less code way, there are fewer insects to squash and much less documentation to read. Less time spent coding approach more time to attention to your following killer feature.

Regularly instances a great CSS framework is used to speed up the time to a marketplace or to put into effect consistency, but while an assignment grows beyond the preliminary scope of a concept, development will become tougher and time-consuming. Important reduces workflow inefficiencies due to the fact there may be much less to study and keep.

27. Shine CSS


A simple and light-weight CSS framework. That is a smooth to use CSS framework created to reinforce your web layout productivity. It affords a stable base of factors that can be utilized for any layout and it would not contain complex rules or elements, so it is quite clean to personalize and to feature new personal enhancements.

Shine CSS could be very light-weight, so it lets you create complex websites with minimum custom CSS code.

28. Minimal CSS Framework

minimal CSS framework

Mini.css aims to provide as many features with best possible mini file 7KB gzipped. This thin footprint means that your websites and web applications will load faster, while still looking great utilizing the modern components we provide!

29. Leaf CSS Framework

leaf css framework 2017

Leaf CSS Framework based on Google’s material design which is currently in beta version, so you need to make sure before implements. The developer of framework says “People already blaming Leaf for being a “poor implementation”. It’s in its beta and if you got good ideas and inputs, why not contribute? A project gotta start somewhere”

30. YAML 4


YAML 4 is small and slim which is about only 5.9kB. It is good choices if you are building the personal website. It is responsive and flexible. It bases on Sass. The features included are flexible grid system, forms toolkit, and typography. YAML4 well prepared for HTML5 and CSS3.

31. 960 Grid System


960 grid system works with 960 pixels width of a web page. It provides you two different types of column system. These can be 12 or 16 columns which can be used separately or in tandem. The 12-column grid system divided into blocks that are 60 pixels wide, whereas the 16-columns consists of 14px wider. Each column has 10px margin on the left and right side. That means that it creates 20px wide gutters been the columns. The main aim of doing all this to make it work for rapid prototyping, but it also works well in a production environment.

32. Blueprint


Blueprint is a CSS framework that allows to cut down on your development time. It gives you a solid foundation to build your project on top of, with an easy-to-use grid, sensible typography, useful plugins, and even a stylesheet for printing.

33. Gumby


Gumby is well famous which allow you to build your website quickly. It is open source and shall remain open forever. It comes with a lot of ready-made design things which include UI Kit, component, extension and of course the grid.

There is much better CSS framework 2018 are available on the internet, but here we try to share that used most and most popular one.

I am trying to get more for you and trying to find some useful one. When I get some more framework, I will update my article. Thanks for reading and lets us know what you most like and used in your web development projects.

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  1. Come on. Not only is it a Top-List (aka lazy click bait), you also have to repeat “best CSS framework” in your introduction 10 times? It’s 2016. Not only does keyword spamming not work anymore, it just looks bad the way you do it.

    1. Not only is that keyword spam awful to wade through, but I stopped reading after the second sentence in the Bootstrap description because of your poor English composition. You really should have a native speaker edit your pieces before publishing them.

  2. I would like to add another cool one: Shine CSS. It’s very lightweight, includes the common elements (grid, colors, etc) and also it makes quite easy to work with margins, padding and positioning.

  3. I think you need to add this one to your list. It is a complete CSS framework that work just fine without recourse to JavaScript. The framework works perfectly with over 2000 plugins and independent module all built in in CSS.
    I personally have used it to create lot of website template with ease. Any one can give it a try here :

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