10+ Awesome Parallax Scrolling Websites Examples For Inspiration

In Web Design, Website Templates Dec 21, 2014
parallax scrolling websites

Today we search and find some cool looking Parallax Scrolling Websites for your inspiration. This collection will allow you take an idea of how to design parallax scrolling website.

As new technologies come, the design of websites become are more attractive and more impressive looking. These new technologies like HTML5 & CSS3 provide advance level animations, indescribable effects, and more great views.

Nowadays the website is developed by using web design techniques, and these sites become more powerfully. You may also looking to ready Free HTML5 Responsive Template One of the big and most popular trend is parallax scrolling websites.

These sites include impressive looking moving background and 3D effects etc. As you scroll down to the page, you can see these effect. It’s not limited only to this, but it also has text, image slower effects which make these scrolling websites more beautifully.

The parallax sites are accessible. These sites used different layers of images which move in a different direction and with different speed. I have collected some great looking parallax scrolling websites which have technically good effects.

Parallax Scrolling Websites are Super Star

In some cases, the parallax scrolling websites are a real superstar, but in other situations, these simply added a touch of depth. I hope you will find this useful source of inspiration for your project. If you have any other example that we haven’t listed here, feel free to comments. We did love to hear from you. If you are planning to build your parallax scrolling website, this article might help you. You can see all these sites and get an idea how you can make your own.

01. Teapot Creation

parallax scrolling websites

The Teapot Creation created by using HTML5, CSS3, and Jquery. It is a beautiful and clean website which have animated logo. If you scroll down to the page, you will see a nice looking slider, few content boxes and at the end you win find a contact form. It also provides navigation on the right side which change as the section of page change.

02. Alquimia WRG

parallax scrolling websites

It used HTML5 canvas to animate the initial loading image. “parallax elements in the homepage dynamically created and animated to simulate a 3D space environment through mouse movement,” says Andrea Bianchi, creative director at Alquimia.

03. Pressels

parallax scrolling websites

Pressel is full of effects and animations. It provides multiple animations on single sections for example if you are in the section, and then you scroll the mouse it will start loading more items. It also changes a color of top bar as you scroll down to next section.

04. Madwell

parallax scrolling websites Madwell is Design and development agency website which based in New York. It shows their portfolio with the wide range of parallax scrolling effects. It creates 3D style and adds the huge amount of depth. The site has great loading at the initial stage and also animated loader while clicking on navigation.

05. Fannabee

parallax scrolling websites

It designed for music artists to help show off what they have collected. The parallax scrolling is used but keeps it simple. It also uses parallax effect in their background. It loads faster than other parallax websites because it doesn’t have much animation, graphics, and Javascript, etc.

06. Nintendo

parallax scrolling websites

Nintendo is video game website which launch of Mario Kart on the Wii. It is heavily parallax scrolling web page. It makes for the visitor on a journey through the history of the game. The style of the site is just like the follow the style of game. It was taking you along a road with a character from the game.

07. Unfold

parallax scrolling websites It use endless scrolling and small amount of parallax effect to create an unusual. It is effective website navigation scheme. The main menus of the page appear at the top right, but when you scroll the page, the menus keep fixed and comes down wit it.

08. Savings Challenge

parallax scrolling websites

This website is about car dealership network where customers are asked to challenge the salesman in a local dealership to save them money. The idea of parallax site is to build the info-graphic style website. The Savings Challenge is mad by using grunt.js to assemble templates and compile CoffeeScript and SASS files. It used CSS3 3D transforms to achieve the desired animations.

09. Cyclemon

parallax scrolling websites It’s another awesome looking parallax website which is about Bike cycle. It used clever scrolling and inventive typography. It showcase the bike-cycles and also created number of silkscreen bike prints.

10. Life in my Shoes

parallax scrolling websites

The Life in my Shoes is London Based Digital Agency Traffic, developed a website which appeals to the youth audience. It is the important site which has multiple platforms campaign. To give the more fresh look to the site, it used the brand font ( Houshka Rounded Medium ) which implemented by using font-face.

11. Takeitapp

Takeitapp is another great example of awesome parallax scrolling website. It’s provide clean interface and include intro animation.


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